Hausa man’s lovely birthday wish to his wife has him praised and criticized on social media

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A Nigerian man who hails from the northern side pf the country to his social media page to wish his wife a happy birthday with exceptional and unique words and there’s been mixed reactions about it.

Sharing photos of him and his wife, Aby Rayyan wrote,

“Today I celebrate the woman who took me as a boy from my mother and made me a man. The mother of my child and yet the best decision I’ve taken as an adult. Happy Birthday to my Hajiya. I bend the knee my queen…yesterday, today and the day after forever!”

His birthday message was one of gratitude and adoration for his wife but some egoistic men had an issue with it, especially with the words, “I bend the knee my queen.”

Some accused him of overdoing it and to them he replied,

“There nothing like “over doing the thing” when it comes celebrating your loved ones….. especially for once in a year events. Over do and do do do! let those who have a problem with it climb mount Kufena and break a neck!”

However, a lot of people were impressed with his birthday message to his wife and they praised him as an exceptional Arewa man and prayed that their marriage will be forever.


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