Hire Me

Hi! I’m Fabode Ibrahim Movic and I can do a lot of projects for you. I’m a blogger, marketer, and an entrepreneur. I have been involved in major IT projects.

Services I can provide

  • Web Design: Do you wish to start a blog or a business that needs a corporate website? I can do this for you. I can design all kinds of websites ranging from eCommerce, classified listings, corporate website, startups, photography, real estate, blogs and lots more. When it comes to web design I can offer you the best.
  • Online Marketing: The internet world is getting wider by the day and your customers are all over the web looking for you. I can help them find you. As a certified marketer, I know lots about Search Marketing, Display Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing and lots more. I work well with Google AdWords (#1 Advertising tool) and Facebook Advertising (#1 Social Network).
  • Social Media Management: Most top businesses make good use of the social media to engage with their potential and existing customers. The Social Media is a tool you can harness to make potential customers become existing and to make existing customers come again and again and again. It all depends on how you interact and engage with them. I can handle all the engagement for you. I can manage Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Google+ pages.

Why You Should Hire Me

  • I Put customers satisfaction first
  • I provide comprehensive reports on all jobs done.
  • My prices are very affordable.
  • I deliver on time.
  • You need me!

Are you interested in my services? Contact Me Here to get started or send me a mail at fabodeibrahimolawale@gmail.com.