How Christians Can Overcome Depression

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Depression is real and is becoming part of our lives. As Christians we need to find away of dealing with it and overcome.
Some of the ways to deal with it;
– Dont indulge too much in social media, many of the things are make believe
– Love not the world, dont be engrossed in wanting to get everything your eyes see, your heart perceived!
– Dont compare yourself with others, unnecessary rat race give lots of us blood pressure.
– Be content with what you have
– Dont make fun of others who are struggling
– As parents dont put pressure on your children
– Dont live above your means
– Seek help inform of counselling and medical too because depression has to do with mental health.
– Live one day at a time.
– Above all have faith in God, trust him, cast your burden on him and honour his invitation if you are labouring and heavy laden.
God will heal us all!


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