Cleaning is less stressful now!

3 in 1 broom, mop, and packer
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Do you dream for a room like this?

Clean room
Nice and tidy

Despite your beautiful dream, do you still find that at the end of the day your room still looks like this?

Dirty room
Ugly and dirty

It is very likely that you often find yourself too tired after each day that you have to force yourself to clean because it’s still in your to-do list. Seriously, if there’s any chore that gets put off most often, it’s cleaning. The bending, the standing, parking, dusts and dirt, mopping, and all that. I’m telling you, proper cleaning takes say 30 minutes if your room is as small as mine.

I’m a student, you see. I always have things to do. Class assignments, group projects, presentations, blah, blah, blah. I get too stressed out that I clean only my bed and sleep. I know it’s pathetic, and I’m not proud of it. Do you want to know what I’m proud of? I got over it. Currently, I do proper cleaning more than once daily! I am more than happy to invite visitors to my room. 

How do I do it?
How did cleaning become a pleasure for me?
How did cleaning leave my to-do list forever?
I hate long stories, so I won’t bore you with one. The thing is I solved my problem with a little awesomeness. I learned some lessons I think can help you too bring cleaning to life and enjoy doing it!
  1. Clean while doing what you love.

Never try to make cleaning what you love unless it really is what you love. Otherwise, try doing something you enjoy and clean as you do that. This way, you would accomplish two things at a time with no glitch at all.

2. Don’t procrastinate.

The more the dirt, the more excruciating the pain of trying to do the job. So, try to clean with every chance you get. You won’t get too tired and your room will not get too dirty.

3. Make cleaning fun.

There are several things you can do around cleaning to make it fun. You can compete with yourself, give yourself or your kids something to do. They play while your room gets clean. Never bore yourself or tire out, or else, your body would not love to do it anymore. So try making it enjoyable and stop whenever you’re tired.

4. Don’t forget these tips.

Still think you can’t do it? Yea, I couldn’t do it all these without any help either. What helped me is the SPIN BROOM.
3 in 1 broom, mop, and packer

Equipped with 3 brushes, two that spins to sweep the dirt and dust while the roller brush packs it at the same time. And there is a rug to mop the floor simultaneously.

The SPIN BROOM works as a sweeper, packer, and mop at the same time.
Plus with the stick, kids will love to ride!

Forget the old school boring brush and packer, 

Brush and packer
Stupid boring brush and packer


Cleaner house
Sweet sweep.

This is the best way to get more done in less time.
I usually clean while I read my favourite book and while I pray or speak on the phone at night.
Super amazing!

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