Morning Teaser..Unbeilivable man caught wife having sex with his neighbour


My name is Dr. Johnson, a 35-year-old businessman living in Lekki. I have been married for 8 years now and my wife Elizabeth, and I have two children but I want to send her out my house for causing me so much embarrassment, disgrace, and mental torture.

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 Good Morning, My wife is cheating on me

In the past, I have had cause to suspect my wife of infidelity though I had never caught her red handed. Some of my friends and even her sister had told me that they saw her with other men but since I had not caught her myself, I always gave her the benefit of the doubt.
But last month, her secret was blown open when she was caught having sex with a fellow tenant by the man’s wife.
On the day it happened, she had told me she was down with fever and could not go to her shop. I took the children to their lesson since it was the holiday period and left for my business. But around 10am, my landlord called me, telling me to come home immediately.
I did not know why he wanted me to come home because I was not owing him any rent, but I had to hurry home, especially when he refused to tell me the reason for the call.
My initial thought was that Blessing may have developed some complications and was rushed to the hospital.
So I got into my car and drove at breakneck speed to the house. As I tried to enter the gate to the compound, I noticed many people inside, all shouting at the top of their voices. My fear increased on seeing the crowd, praying that nothing should happen to my wife.
But on alighting from the car, I met the most agonizing sight when I saw my wife and the male tenant naked in the midst of the excited crowd. I made my way into the crowd and asked what happened and was told that my wife was caught having sex with the man by his wife.
They were herded out of naked and paraded in public. It was as if the ground should open and swallow me. I covered my face in shame and begged the people to let her go.
In her shameful nakedness, I took her home but I still could not believe she could do such a thing to me after all the love I showed her.
Since the incident, she has been pleading that I forgive her; even our family and church members have been pleading on her behalf but I don’t think I can live with her any longer.
What should I do?
Please i need your help…


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