MUST READ: See The Best One Hour Radio Show and The Most Listened To Sing Back Show In The Land.

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Lagos is one of the states that has many exciting radio stations that sometimes you wish you could tune in to all of them at a time. There are radio stations blasting and ruling the airways of Lagos, (I must say) but there is this radio station that has taking over the airways of Lagos/Ogun State.

It is one new that WFM91.7 is the number one radio station for women and their families; this has been the best radio station for me so far. A radio station conceived and strategically positioned to finally fill the vacuum and empower women and their families. There’s a whole lot of good radio station which isn’t made up of soporific play list and banal chatter but it isn’t always easy to find (I have found one for myself).

With this in mind I have come to tell you WFM91.7 is the best radio station keeping listeners company throughout the day with relevant informative and entertaining programs that cuts across Business, Politics, Education, Sports, Music, News, Current affairs, Relationships and Family entertainment which can guarantee you to something fresh from the women perspectives all which is available to stream live on demand from their website

I first became aware that WFM91.7 is Nigeria’s first female centric radio station which is designed to inspire and empower women and their families, though the radio station is licensed for women but will also cater for the men (don’t panic) and families by engaging on issues of local and international importance for all. The Radio station operates 19 Hours of talk and less music.

I was won over by radio stations in Nigeria (not even when I travel out of Lagos) but when I tuned in to WFM91.7, it turns out to be the best for me. I must say I have lost counts of number of great moments I have through the MUSICSMASH. Beyond that, the radio station springs out with interesting program from Full Breakfast to The Adult Conversations.

However, the best for me so far is the MUSICSMASH, I do not know about you. Yes, you might be wondering why I said the MusicSmash? MusicSmash is the most listened to sing back show in the land where Loleung Lewis Michael, the presenter gives you a song and he expect you to sing along.

I consistently ranked MusicSmash the best and the most listened to sing back show on radio, no wonder other radio station have been caught in the MusicSmash fever (lol). And yes, I have been impressed by the variety of its schedule which comes up Mondays to Fridays 4pm to 5pm Nigerian time.

So now I’d like you to sit back and relax while I bring to you 5 reasons why you should always be a part of the most listened to sing back show on radio.

1.    A lovely voice that kills loneliness
   Loleung Lewis Michael, the presenter whose voice is so ROMANTIC, SWEET and LOVELY (pardon me for the censored word). I mean to say, hearing his voice only can revive the real you whenever you’re down and kill boredom. I’ve known him for a while now, and he has been a great source of encouragement to me.

2.    Keeps you alive whenever you are bored
   Are you bored? Do you need something or someone to awaken your loneliness? Don’t go too far, MUSICSMASH is the junction for you. So far so good, the program has been able to successfully lighten me up whenever I am depressed. And I recommend you can try listening to them and I bet you’d turn a regular fan over the time, lol!

3.    Awesome music that caters to people of all tastes (back2back)
  At MUSICSMASH, one thing I know about them is FRESH and AWESOME music update. So you wanna listen to NEW music’s? It’s here, it’s MUSICSMASH!

4.    Amazing contents and cool gifts to be won when you smash the presenter

Although, this won’t make you a billionaire to be candid, but I assure you of cool gifts to be won whereby it wants to make you want to participate in every show which are usually fun especially the MUSICSMASH!

5.    The feeling that even if there is nobody and nothing around you, MUSICSMASH will always be there

   Yay! MUSICSMASH is always, I mean ALWAYS with YOU! Provided you follow the show time, 4-5pm Monday – Fridays and you won’t regret wasting the 1hour duration, which I myself feel it worth it.

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