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There’s been a lot going on about how Nigerians are becoming the poorest in the world. How the economy is bad. How we cannot get enough money to buy the things we really need.
If you ask me, the problem is not the government or the other person. The problem is you! Yes. You spend too much on too many things.

See this article on the importance of placing value before quantity: The Importance of Quality over Quantity.

You have to practice minimalistic spending.

Yeah, you read that right. I know that you would try to be defensive. Let’s look at some of this spending behaviour that can lead to poverty or bad economy.

How can you do this?

You need to buy a leather bag. It might be a regular pattern that you go online in search of a worthy seller, right? Okay. You found at least 3 sellers of the same kind of bag, so to speak. In actual sense, the bags are different in quality and price.
Seller 1: big hand bag, can be used as travel luggage, N3,500.
Seller 2: same specs, price N5,000.
Seller 3: same specs, price N16,000
Your rationale would be to go for the first seller because it is cheap. That is the problem.
You see, to improve our personal economy, we need to have the mind set of minimalistic spending. Meaning that we must spend wisely.

That is why it is the best to choose Quality over Quantity.
You’re thinking that it’s a no-brainer. Why would that result in minimalistic spending?
You see, an average Nigerian is into what is called “cyclical consumption”.
What does that mean?
The meaning is that certain consumer products are designed to break down over time. You might think that this doesn’t make any sense, why would something I paid for be actually designed to break down?
These products will not breakdown when you get home or even months later, it takes some time especially after the warranty has expired. Such products will no longer be usable after that time.
From a business perspective, you would see that this makes sense.
Because for all these cheap products that you buy, say you spend N3,500 on a leather carryon bag, it takes no much time before it becomes this
However, to actually get it repaired is not feasible. It is easier to replace it, get a new leather bag.

From a business standpoint, look at it. Before the items you buy cheaply breakdown, you are made to believe that you’ve gotten your value out of it because it lasted some months or so, so you feel like you have gotten the worth of your money out of it.

Thus, the next reasonable thing is for you to come for a new one as replacement.

You see, that is cyclical consumption. Buy something that constantly breaks down till you get tired of it and you buy a new cheap one till that one breaks down and you get tired of it… it just goes on and on.

How can you stop being ensnared in the web of cyclical consumption?

There are two ways:
1. Buy high quality products. Say instead of spending N3,500 on a blender, we buy a ScanFrost blender which has 10 year warranty on it. It’s very well made and that product is going to last much longer than any lower quality blender. That’s going to save so much money.
2. Invest in value of products that will become assets. Let’s say you buy that cheap blender and it breaks down after a year. You would likely be happy that you have spent its worth.

Sometimes though, it takes less than a year for many products, cheap or expensive to develop a fault. When that happens, you take your cheap blender for repair and it would cost N1,500 to repair.

You would say, “What? Something I bought for N3,500, I will spend N1,500 to repair. I’d rather buy a new one. That is how you would enter the cycle.
But if it was a quality well-built product with a longer warranty that you buy, there will be no hassle, just take it back to the store or company and pay a token to get it repaired or replaced. Now, that’s how to spend less in more time.
What benefit will we have if we spend more money once and for all to get quality products?

What will we gain?
  • We will have less spoiled products in our landfills.
  • We will have more valuable things rather than more things that waste space but are useless.
  • We will have something we can give out happily with no fear.
  • We will have pride in our quality of life.
  • The good quality of our life will radiate and others will feel it.
  • We will become more self-confident.

We will spend less and save more money.
There are many benefits of loving quality over quantity.
Join our revolution today. Together we can build a more better quality of life in Nigeria, yours and mine!




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