What Happened After A Heavy Rainfall At Akute/Ishashi Area Of Ogun State

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As the rain begins, flooding in Nigeria has been a reccurent problem in most parts of the States. Reports of flodding in some town and cities during heavy downpour is under review in Ogun State.

After a heavy downfall on 04th of June, 2017 residents of Akute/Ishashi/Alagbole are groaning under apparent neglect by successive administration to fix the numerous deplorable roads in their community.

Within the 8years of steadwardship of his excellency, Gov. Ibikunle Amosun, we gathered that just two roads project were sited in Akute area of Ogun state stated to be the Alagbole/Akute reconstruction.

Residents laments as the road in mention as been washed away by flood as the road remains impassable for pedestrian. It was showed that since the rain intensified leading to the flooding of Akute, commuters and motorist moving in and out of ALAGBOLE/AKUTE/AKUTE most especially that of FINE MALAIKA have been subject to untold hardship of movement.

According to a business and shop owner Hakeem Olajuwon (OAT) living in FINE MALAIKA stated that “is becoming a nightmare for him, stating that since the rain started, the roads had become impassable.” Speaking in the same light, Mrs. Ifeoma (Mummy Leonard) said “this is the worst I have seen so far since i rollocated to Akute/Fine Malaika with my family while the flood crisis lasted.” We spoke with one of the cutest girl in the said area Miss Misturah” and she unveil her thought “Thank you for coming here  MovicVibeMedia, we hope our Gov. will help us on this road, it’s been like this for years and we can’t work freely ones it’s raining season.”

Other challenges faced by this people includes; loses of goods as their shop get flooded and has destroyed so many things in the said area. Below are pictures taken at the scene;

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Akute/Ishashi Houses and Shops been demolished 

Akute Reconstruction

Alagbole Bridge downpour

Bad Roads

Houses/Shops been demolished for the reconstruction of Akute.



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