10 Things You Will Never Find In Nigerians’ Waste Bins During This Recession

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In this vague state of the nation, life has become so unbearable that prices of all goods have doubled / tripled.

People are now very economical because they no longer spend unnecessary spending nor waste food

Wasting time without waste, these are the things you hardly find in the trash of people during this recession

1. Burned Foods

You can notice this when you want to remove waste to PSP officials. Take a look at transporting their vehicles and you never see burned foods put by people. You’ll also find cookie nylons, sweet wraps, broken buckets, etc. This means that people are now gluing to the kitchens to watch their food, to avoid a story that touches the heart. Even if the food is burned, they will carefully scrape the bottom of the jar and will still eat it.

2. Rice

Gone are those days when people throw away their remains in the trash cans when they can not consume it, but the recession has made changes, making almost every citizen now using a peak milk to measure rice for a perfect size, given the fact that a bag of rice can now buy a piece of land in places like Mowe and Ibafo.

3. Spaghetti Nylon

Spag’s price has now risen by 250%, so only the rich can afford to buy it. In fact, the demand for spag is drastically reduced in so far as many spaghetti companies now fold. To be very sincere with you, Tosyne2much has not eaten spaghetti in the last six months, so how do you find the nylon in my bin? Never!!

4. Empty milk

Another thing that you hardly find in Nigeria’s trash can during this recession period are empty cans of Peak milk, Three Crown, etc. The prices of these products do not look like youngsters at all. What you can find are empty Cowbell wraps, Jago milk wraps and the likes. This is because people now pay for sachet milk instead of milk

5. Condom Packs

This sounds very funny but it is very true. Most of the boys are broken to even call a square meal, and another three square meals. Boys now channel their little energy about things that will brighten their future instead of sex. Now that most states can not pay salaries, most men are hungry and they do not even have the energy to show a lady 30 seconds, let alone an hour. You can hardly see condom packs in trash cans because “after wey chop gets bellyful fit, get the energy to satisfy women for bed nah”

6. Egg dish

The last time I had priced a crate egg, I had to get insults and curse on the seller thinking he wanted to shame me, noting that a crate egg is now being sold at N1, 100. Many people can no longer eat eggs more as a result of the walk as they now go to mushrooms and kote fish.

7. Empty Noodles Packs

Empty noodles are the usual thrashes that you would find in almost every garbage bin in Lagos, but now the picking of empty noodle packets in trash can have become a thing of the past. On a very serious note, finding a pack of noodles in trash can in this recession is similar to finding a Nigerian politician who does not obscure a government fund.

8. Bournvita / Milo Cans

An average Nigerian student loves to buy drinks every year, but recently the recession robbed many students of these things and you could hardly find them in their rooms or trash cans.

9. Corn Flakes Packs

Many students will agree that most ladies usually use cornflakes to decorate their rooms to intimidate their fellow students and visitors by placing them on their trolley so they can see. But recently, people now use empty cornflakes to design their rooms even without the design. I visited a lady last week and when she went out to get a chilled soda I saw a cornflakes on her trolley and wanted some food just for me to find ridiculous things like phone charger, desktop and USB cable in the.

10. Sardinian cans

Before I came across this article, I actually investigated 15 trashbins as my case study and, to my surprise, I could not even find an empty sardine scan in those bins. I know this is due to the fact that the recession has increased the price of sardines to N250.

I let my pen fall right now.


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