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3 Sex Tips Every Man Ought to Know (An Open Letter To Men Who Want to Be Better in Bed)

3 Sex Tips Every Man Ought to Know (An Open Letter To Men Who Want to Be Better in Bed)

What makes a woman? Why do women need much more time for orgasm than men? Is size important? And if not. Why not? Does one of these questions seem familiar to you? If you are just tens of thousands of people who love our articles about sex, dating, and relationships, you probably do, right?
Have you ever wondered if there was a real “secret” to be excellent in bed? There is nothing more mysterious than PROCHAIN ​​becoming a woman, and when you discover who is yours forever, I promise you that!

Curious to know more? Keep reading with a look at three simple tips for sex that every man needs to know.

1. Communication Is The Best Aphrodisiac

Here, boys. Women are connected differently than they are. Our most erogenous zone is between our ears and NOT between our legs! There are many wild and beautiful ways to express words before, during and after sex. (Hint, what he said after having sex is just as important for what you say before, why, because if it’s not a thing, kissing to talk to you when you’re done is the next time thank you very much!

2. Do Not Complete Too Soon! (and if you must, DO HERE the next)

Yes, men tend to go too fast during sex. But the truth is that you do not have to stop there. Women love previous games and if you really want melancholy, you can not leave them unhappy. If you swing too fast, you spend more time focusing on the prediction before you make love.
Because? Because most women can be quickly pre-digested (in 10 minutes, if you know what you’re doing!) And this will eliminate the pressure of orgasm during sexual intercourse.
Another quick rule? Most women find it difficult to reach orgasm during sex. Because? Because you believe it or not, your most vulnerable places are very deep in your body, because most men prefer or attract during sex. For example, a G-spot is usually not available to most people, unless you choose the ideal position or have enough talent to do it yourself.

3. Live and Accept an Erotic Adventure! (and try new things)

Women like to experiment in bed. Ridiculous? Although most men have sex much faster for the first time, most women are more adventurous, curious and even more aggressive with new things. (When men can be a little bit more and can also be ‘boring’ in bed) Ask what you like and take a chance. Do interesting erotic things and try them in new places!
Women love a man who can control how you film, and wherever you look, the size or your body type, there is nothing that a woman can find sexy in a creative man and adventurer among the leaves!



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