Alonzo Cartier Tell More About Him and His Music In An Interview

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Alonzo Cartier is a good looking young talented artiste born in the same city as legendary rap duo UGK! Port Arthur. The Texas recording artist Alonzo Cartier is a artist & CEO of his own label Not Normal Inc (or NN for short) . AC credits UGK & Jay – Z as his biggest influences growing up. The Painter has 13 Mixtapes & 3 Albums all available on #NN stay tuned IG:acthepainter

Here, we choose to ask few questions about Alonzo Cartier music and he tells us more about him and his music, his upcoming tracks and what he’s been doing for his fans. you should check them out below;

1. What is your real name?

Alonzo Housley

2. When did you started making music?

11 years old

3. When was your first single dropped?

“Smile “ feat Sic Sic May 1, 2020

4. Tell us about your new album. What’s it about? What was the process for writing and producing it? Is the track sequencing significant? Any features?

NNtroverted is just what type of person i am. Ima extremely confident introvert lol. Off camera usually lowkey & private for now. So true to its description that the woman that gave birth to me would describe me the exact same way.. this latest painting of mine starts off 22 years old …really really dark tales of me lost & experimenting with survival off the corners of Alabama & Blah Blah Avenue in Third Ward, Texas… a couple years after leaving Texas Southern University after only completing one semester to follow my dreams …I hit my what the hell are you doing moment or self reflection as id like to call it near the track “Smile” midway throughout the album….and then ultimately ending with a positive summary and also giving the listener of whats more to come with my personal favorite “Soul”. It’s that deep to me.

My writing process starts with a trigger.. that trigger can come in the form of something drastic happening in my life that shifts my energy to feel the need the make an entire movie out of that emotion! …. or others days just feeling like I’m tired of my last shit lets make some new hits lol … all depends on what side of the bed i wake up on i guess . i just really enjoy creating lol .. its always important to me that i pick the best beats which takes a while…so that i can capture the best emotions.. I love choruses more than versus strangely LOL… so the melodies of hooks ill play around with for a bit. They come so fast i lay that down & eventually fill in the verses. I LOVE verses because i feel like no one can be “the painter” . so as long as i paint my true life and the life of my love ones .. as long as some one can relate to that…that can never be challenged… cuz whats real can never be threatened.. i let my God engineer… thats usually how my process goes

5. How would you describe your new album to someone at a party that’s never heard of you?

It is a complete thought that certain songs need to be played at this party immediately.. and also when u leave this party and sober up a little revisit the entire album all the way through .. either way your guaranteed to find something you enjoy

6. If you were to completely start over again from day dot, what would you do differently?

Move on the visions and instincts I felt a lot faster and never look back.

7. What do you expect to change with marketing this time around?

More discovery of who my real “Painters”, aka my fans, are. The sooner i can engage them through my audible paintings, the sooner my brand will expand. I always want to make sure I give them, firstly, the Masterpieces I’ve been given to share and then as other “Painters” arise they’ll catch the wave join us.

8. What social issues are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about the young men who grew up without a father like me. Im also passionate about The Cure of Breast Cancer & Further Research of Lupus. Both directly effect my immediate love ones daily.

9. What are your goals at each of these stages: release week, 3 months after project drops, 12 months after project drops

Release week – the most awareness about the project possible. moving forward I rarely wanna release single without visual . id like my painters to get the visual & single same day or visual no later than a day after singles released. I truly believe a video sparks more interesting than the actual music …then the music sticks . continue promoting single heavily on all socials to lead up to 3 months album release

3 months – seeing a better picture of where my fans are and targeting them from the numbers from the single.. then release album and target strongly in those same areas and more from further research.. as well as release 2nd visual at this time. 3rd visual whenever team decides.

12 months – should see a next level up from the last released project and study mistakes and learn on how to make the next one even better . never stop promoting

10. What do you think you need to do to hit those goals?

Step by step round table or zoom conference calls on where we are creatively & where we need to continue going. real teamwork Discussion with team on what videos should be shot. Discuss a agreed marketing plan on when & where to attack collectively

11. What are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music

No cockiness but I’m most proud of the same thing i most hate. i came this far all on my own. which no one can ever ever take from me. I’ve humbly seen & been around the greats. I’ve gotten some of the biggest looks in the game all by myself. ill forever be proud of that. but moving forward i wanna change that with my team & liked minds to make history forever ever. for ever ever. Honestly my kids ask me every other week when am i going to make a new song. They’re the ones that keep me making music. My peers would think its them but i promise its the kids strangely lol

12. What is the one thing that would make your contemporaries nervous?

That i am a true student of the game. I’m also Gods child. This is his gifts he blessed me with. He using me wherever he seems fit. Whether in battle or simply to inspire. I truly am.. the Painter.

13. What is one thing you’re not getting credit for that you absolutely should?

Lol no credit needed. But id truly like the world to know if your ever digging the pop or the r&b waves on my songs.. 98% of the time the painter wrote it!

14. Should we expect any more project from you soon?

Yes Indeed! As long as the sun shines & I’m here to witness it.

15. What advice do you have for people who are looking up to you or who want to be in the music line?

Try not to take everything personal. Know whose for you and who isn’t. Know the top is lonely is not just a phrase. Also think about what your actually aspiring to be! Your aspiring to be in a position that majority of folks will wanna be around you just too benefit .. If your ready for that kind of job please be my guest and apply for the job lo

Alonzo is a talented artiste and should be dropping more songs and album for his fans. He also have his merch selling so cheap on his website ( which you should check out and support him.

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