DOWNLOAD: Franco Helguera – Gina’s Dream

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In the musical realm, being a producer or DJ is like being the conductor, the director, the leader, essentially the guide on a musical destination. A destination that sets the tone and satisfies even the most complex musical appetite, and such is the case with “Gina’s dream.” This musical score is filled with heavy melodies, blending nicely and backed with some of the most powerful drum and bass patterns I’ve heard in a while.

This track definitely romanticizes the audience with its dynamic processing and tranquilizing sounds filled with exceedingly diverse beat science and technically flawless mixes, it’s creatively spun fluidly and doesn’t disappoint in any area. Steady break beats, deep resonant chords, and incredible synths create a revolutionary sound; and while the revolution may not be televised it’s definitely live and direct! This is a masterpiece.

The tempos coupled with creative sound effects perpetuate an artistic journey from the beginning to the end. This is a must if you’re a fan of artistic music versus random noises combined together that make your ears bleed. So do yourself a favor and keep this one in heavy rotation.

DOWNLOAD: Franco Helguera – Gina’s Dream


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