Excited Young Lady Posts Picture Of Herself In Her Underwear On Facebook

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I don’t know what social media is turning into, probably if say the world is coming to an end already!

A young lady has become a subject of mockery online after deciding to share a “sexy” picture of herself in her underwear. The lady posted the picture on Facebook to attract attention and also thrill her admirers. This earned the lady a lot of criticisms from online users who blasted her for trying to be ‘relevant’.

Some months ago, a lady who lives in Lagos – incurred the wrath of online users after trending on Facebook for the wrong reason. The young lady identified as Linda took to social media to share a picture of herself topless as she said she’s not ashamed of who she is, how she lives or how she looks.

The lady who hails from Delta state – was heavily criticised by online users who blasted her for embarrassing herself publicly. The lady fired back at her critics by saying she loves herself 100 percent and those who don’t appreciate her should f**k off


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