Filmmaker, Sam Omiyitan calls out his colleagues for shunning late actress Moyi Olaiya’s daughter on her graduation day

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Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Sam Omiyitan has called out his colleagues in the movie industry for ‘shunning‘ late actress Moyi Olaiya’s daughter on her graduation day.

Adun, the daughter of the late actress, Moji Olaiya recently graduated from Babcock University two years after her mum’s death.

According to the filmmaker, ‘my Industry is full of people with fake love. Eye service, Backbiting and all, in your face, they did treat you right, but behind you they backstab you’.

He went on to say, ‘fake love everywhere such is the case of Aunty Moji’s daughter, had it been her mother was alive most of her mother’s colleague did celebrate her o but for the fact that Aunty Moji is gone, even those that claim they are Aunty Moji’s bestie couldn’t celebrate the young lady, how sad? well, I don’t know Aunty Moji in person but I celebrate you young lady, Congratulation on this. Meanwhile, I am in the mood for the giveaway, let’s do some little giveaway’.


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