Fun Facts You Don’t Know About Eazi Beatz

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Eazi Beatz is a Rap and Afrobeats Producer and Artist based in London, U.K.

Born in Nigeria, Eazi counts himself lucky to have had a father who loved music. His dad was always listening to music no matter where he was and he passed that passion on to Eazi: “Music is life; there’s no other way to explain it”.

In 2016, Eazi released his first album – a collaborative project entitled G.A.M.E. (Good African Music Everyday), which is a progressive infusion of the Afrobeats and Hip Hop genre.
He is currently working on his next (as yet untitled) solo album. One of Eazi’s biggest influence as a Producer is Kanye West; “I love the way he uses unconventional methods in shaping his music through sampling, and how he challenges the status quo every time he releases a project”.

Artist-wise, Eazi is inspired by The Notorious B.I.G. and Kendrick Lamar – their play on words and their disregard for the “standard” bar – rhyme formation is just amazing, listening to them is like a shot of adrenaline to the chest.

Eazi describes a feeling that he gets when he’s producing or recording on a track, where he literally “feels the vibes in my spine”. He’s working hard on his upcoming material so that his listeners get that same feeling – that “something amazing is happening”.

His first single, Encore, dropped a few months and was a hit in the South UK and the States with over 13k streams in the first 2 weeks.

He is currently performing at shows around the southwest. Stay tuned for more info.

Other Works
Encore –
Bad Guys –


Twitter: @eazibeatz
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