How To Get Free Premium Grammarly Account

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Have been struggling with my typing skills for a very long time, but guess what, am not satisfied with my English language. But when I heard of Grammarly, it’s a great one for me, people thought I will quit blogging for my fluency.

After I got my premium Grammarly account for 2 months, I ran out of cash that I could not renew my premium account so I was wondering if I could get a free premium account, after days of trying I finally made it, and now am using premium account over a month now. Sit back I’ll put you through simple steps I used in getting my Grammarly premium account.

Step 1:
Visit Grammarly to register, make sure you use this link to register, else you won’t get the premium account.

Step 2
Make sure you use Chrome or Firefox to get a better result.

Step 3
After you’ve input your name, Email, and password, you’ll be greeted with free premium Grammarly account.

Step 1
Login to the Grammarly account you just created and click the Grammarly referral program link or use this link, you’ll see your referral link at the bottom of the page just like this (
Step 2
Copy the link URL, open your Firefox browser or Chrome, clear cookies and cache or go to your app data and clear app data.

Step 3
Paste the link URL in the URL box and load the page, you’ll be welcomed with a sign-up form, use fake details on the sign-up page.

Step 4
After you’ve created the account, return to your main account, save the details of the fake account and delete it after a week.
Step 5
Repeat this every week to keep your free premium account active.

Are you having issues creating free premium account with mobile device or desktop computer?  Share with me in the comment box.


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