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Shalay Smith populary known by her stage name UsernameDrugz is a hip hop artiste who discovered her talent at age 17. She started by writing for other artiste in the music industry and later discovered herself to do more and better. She tell us about herself and new released single.

UsernameDrugz - Gettho
UsernameDrugz – Gettho

UsernameDrugz Ghetto

1. What is your real name?

Shalay Smith

2. How old are you?

I am 30 Years Old.

3. When did you started making music?

I started making music when I was 17. I stopped when I was told that I didn’t have the look but I could write for other people since I didn’t have the look. I continued to chase my dreams after enough time thinking and finding myself hanging out around the right group of people.

4. When your first single dropped?

Hmmm, i released my first single September 12th, 2020 which is Ghetto

5. Tell us about the your new track. What’s it about? What was the process for writing and producing it? Is the track sequencing significant? Any features?

This new song that I am putting out is about just the type of dude I am attracted to, and their mannerisms which are attractive to myself. I think this song was just for fun at first, then myself and the two artists that joined in on this song felt it could be a great single. With that, we finished it and we are in the process of filming the video for the song. This song does have two featured artists MBM2times and Andre baker. Amazing artist and such creative an positive attitudes.

My hook came in when we were talking about our past and how ghetto we were . The things we like the opposite sex to do. Hence, ”I need me a ghetto nigga” and him “where the gangsta bitches at” we wanted to bring a old school hip-hop vibe to it and we did that.

6. How would you describe the project (latest release) to someone at a party that’s never heard of you?

I have Fire new west coast single with a great beat and catchy hook that both genders can sing along too and it’s going to blow up.

7. If you were to completely start over again from day dot, what would you do differently?

I would definitely follow my dreams and not let nobody determine what my dreams will be! And never let a MF get in-between my money ever! Even family and close friends! I want to be able to say I was the only one who could have stop me!

8. What do you expect to change with marketing this time around?

Invest in myself instead of investing in others, be patient and persist with my self, and make sure to promote nothing but who I really Am period! At all times!

9. What social issues are you most passionate about?

Women rights are a very big thing for me. So many great women in this world and yet have we ever had a woman President. I think we deserve way more and the respect for our artistry should be cherished. Also, I believe that the world has to get over this racial and prejudice discrimination against minorities. Way to far in life to have to go through so much hate.

I always wanted to find ways to help women that have dreams and aspirations with the tools and financial help to follow through with their goals.

10. What are your goals at each of these stages: release week, 3 months after project drops, 12 months after project drops

Release week: Promote, promote like I never have before. Interact with more people on social media and really push my product out there and finish shooting the video.

3 months after: release the music video first month. Promote a lot.

Third month: release a new song and continue to promote this one hard as I can. Hopefully venues open that way I can perform everywhere I could.

Twelve months: I will get radio interviews and meetings with record labels. Hire a manager and promo team. Have 8 songs released in rotation. Network and make important connections. I want to be promoting an upcoming album and keep getting better.

11. What do you think you need to do to hit those goals?

I will work hard be patient and consistent, Stay focused and follow my instincts. I will be the hardest working artist I know. I will use my resources and connections strategically and just do everything I have to.

12. What are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music?

Proud of my son and the fact that I can show my son he can achieve any goal that he creates for himself. The fact that I use that drive to achieve my own goals makes that my proudest moment ever and it keeps me in this music world and drives me to want more…

13. What is the one thing that would make your contemporaries nervous?

I am raw, unique, and authentic and I have a lot of sexy edge. I stay focused on my destiny and I compete with myself in order to be the best me.

14. What is one thing you’re not getting credit for that you absolutely should?

My patience

15. Should we expect anymore project from you soon?

Yes I have a few more singles coming and I am currently working on a EP called Mood Swings which will release some time next year

16. What advice do you have for people who are looking up to you or who want to be in the music line?

Keep growing. Don’t give up or slow down

We had a chat with this artiste and she shared so many things with us. Know more about usernamedrugz and listen to her music to feel relaxed and enjoy. See her spotify profile below;

Play her latest single Ghetto and feel the Ghetto vibe.

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