LATEST: How To Get Free 1GB From MTN Via USSD Code

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It is been a while that we have enjoyed free megabytes on MTN, right now MTN is here to reward you with free 1000MB and it is for all MTN subscribers. You don’t need to have airtime on your account before you can get it done and it doesn’t require IMEI tweaking. All you need is dialing of a USSD code on an MTN SIM card.

MTN Nigeria is offering free 100MB data for customers to download their official app called MyMTNApp. Fortunately, this free 100MB can be accumulated to 1000MB, simply dialing the given code repeatedly and you can use this data on any device that can access the internet, even works on the PC.

The app that dug out the free megabytes (MyMTNApp) is just 8MB in size, so you still have up to 992MB to surf the web.

To Get it Done
Simply text MyApp to 131 via SMS on your MTN Sim and you will given 100MB instantly.
Check your data balance with *559*4#

To Accumulate The Data
Sending MyApp to 131, you will be given a bonus of 100mb valid for 3 daysNow, send Stop MyApp to131 and resend MyApp to 131
Keep repeating the steps to accumulate it to a maximum of 1GB

Note: If you try to acquire more than 1GB, you may be blacklisted and for now, there is no way out of that.

Remember that the data valid for just 3 days, so use it before MTN trash it.
Enjoy while it last.


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