New Trick: See How To Get Premium Hide My Ass License Key For 12months

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I know most of us need VPN for one or two things online, now that you have to pay for a VPN service before you can hide your location, people find it difficult to use because of its charges. Though, not every VPN service are paid but the strong ones has to do with premium service.

In this post, I will give a detailed step by step guide on how can get a premium Hide My Ass License Key For 12months.


1- Download Lucky patcher from here :

2- Download Hma pro in android from Google play

2- Open Lucky patcher

3- click on the hma pro app then click Open menu of patches then create a modified apk file

4- click on the third option(apk rebuild for InApp & LVL) then click rebuild app

5 -it will show please wait as it is building. Wait till it finishes. Don’t touch phone screen or it will go

6- after it finishes you will see some success and error (don’t worry it’s all part) click go to file and click the apk select uninstall and install app

8- just wait when it finished install and go open the hma pro app

9- go sign up but first use temp mail (like etc and get one account

10- sign up with it and close the app and open it again ..

11- when you open you will see two forms of payment, click Google play store (prices should be in decimals)
Click on 12 month(Lucky patcher will pop up asking you if you want it to get it for you
Choose yes and you are done.

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