No Album Yet, But Many Singles To Be Released – Singer Jessica B Tells In An Interview

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Jessica B is a Pop artiste who makes music for the fun part and passion she has for it. Her new single titled Freedom as got her fans talking and wanted to hear more from her.

Jessica B is not just a Pop singer but also a R&B, and electronic vibe singer who makes music more easier for people. Her music is inspiring and educating. We decided to have a chat with here and tells us more about herself and her music.

Jessica B - Freedom
Jessica B – Freedom

1. What is your real name?

Jessica Beyrer

2. How old are you?

Age is irrelevant

3. When did you started making music?

I’ve been making music since I was a teenager… Always writing or humming some melody.

4. When was your first single dropped?

July 30th 2020 my first single “Freedom” dropped and my next single “Day Trippin” will drop November 15th 2020

5. Tell us about your new album. Whats it about? What was the process for writing and producing it? Is the track sequencing significant? Any features?

I don’t technically have an album. I just have a lot of songs and little by little I am releasing them. The music scene has changed so much and releasing singles feels like both an easier way to go and also a more intimate way to go musically… so possibly once I have the right collection of songs that I want to turn into a full album, maybe I’ll then release an album.

6. How would you describe your new single to someone at a party that’s never heard of you?

I would describe freedom as a straight up catchy pop vibe with positive vibes only. It’s a song of strength that we can ALL relate to. Regardless of what you’re experiencing due to this odd year or what you may have been struggling with for several years now, this song is meant to get you up and out of it… I mean we all have inner demons and we have all experienced pain at one point or another and so this song is meant to speak to EVERYONE! Plus to be able to bring that type positivity and vocal ability to go with it, will hopefully make you want to hear more of my records…

7. If you were to completely start over again from day dot, what would you do differently?

I would have released a lot sooner with all the information I have now. I would have put myself out there a lot sooner. I have always made music. It’s such a learning curve as an independent artist. I would have promoted every opportunity I was given and had this pandemic not stopped the world for a bit, I would be performing when and where I can. It’s never too late though, after-all, I have a single out there now and my goal is to get it heard and to keep making more music!

8. What do you expect to change with marketing this time around?

Well for starters, I am a lot more aware of the scammers and let me tell you there are so many of them. I am in control of how I want my music promoted and whatnot and so the change will be to continue to stay on top of my own project. That’s probably the best part about being an independent artist. We get to run our own show!

9. What social issues are you most passionate about?

Honestly, I try to stay out of politics and religious matters and other social issues, because one way or another someone gets offended or takes things out of context and whatnot. I respect ALL opinions regardless if I agree or disagree. i just prefer to keep my opinions to myself and my close friends/family on this matter.

10. What are your goals at each of these stages: release week, 3 months after project drops, 12 months after project drops. (Identify short term and long-term goals)

Honestly, for the most part the goal remains the same at each stage… don’t lose momentum… keep improving myself in the process and continue to get my music heard!

11. What do you think you need to do to hit those goals?

Promote every opportunity I can. Continue networking with other artists. Interact with fans and keep making music.

12. What are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music?

That despite my many concerns (money spent and time spent), insecurities surrounding all that comes with releasing a song, be it public opinion on me as an artist, or the song I choose to release first… I did it and refused to let the opinions of others stop me… In fact, it’s only fueling me to continue.

13. What is the one thing that would make your contemporaries nervous?

The one thing I feel proud of is that while it seems sometimes people are attracted more to looks (sex appeal and whatnot), I have gotten so much response to my actual vocal ability which is so important to me. You can be the prettiest in the world, but if you don’t sound good, they most likely won’t want to hear you continue to sing let alone buy your records over and over.

14. What is one thing you’re not getting credit for that you absolutely should?

Well I think it’s possibly too early for me, but I’d like to get credit for the production/writing of these songs too…. But in the defense of most, not a lot of people know I write these songs that they are listening to.

15. Should we expect any more project from you soon?

ABSOLUTELY.. My next single, which is gonna be a fun one for all the lovers out there. IT is called “Day Trippin” and it will be available on ALL streaming platforms November 15th 2020

16. What advice do you have for people who are looking up to you or who want to be in the music line?

Well through social media many reach out and ask for advice in regards to their personal different stages of the process whether it’s financial for them, or writer’s block, or they are too nervous/shy, or whatever the concern is…. I say the same… DO NOT GIVE UP. If this is your passion and it is what you truly love to do, then you’re going to find that no matter what else you do, you’ll always come back to it, so stick with it and take a chance. If you continue to make an excuse for it, then it’s not your true passion and I am all about passion in my work! Music business, be it the engineering side or artist side or production or writing or what may have you, is HARD. It doesn’t get easier either, so just keep doing it if you’re passionate about it!

Watch out for Jessica Beyrer as she drops new single November.

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