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This post contain the strategy/step you need to take in order to pass exams like Post utme,gcd,Waec,Neco…….

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We now have the Secret to pass any examination which include Post utme, Waec,gce, jamb, Neco.

We have group them into 7 point, sit back and relax as you read in your home, Bus, place of work and on the go

(1) Believe in Yourself and kill any Limiting Factor

First and foremost you will Erase the limiting belief that you can’t pass your exam.

Exam can easily be pass when you apply the right concept and strategy. Its not new that people fail exam for not having believe in themselves to succeed.

– If you believe you can pass or you believe you cannot pass, you are right.
– I have seen students under the impression that examiner is their enemy.

Please don’t think so. Pass percentage might be low, but students do pass their exams. So, don’t think that you will be in a failure category ever. From today change your mind set and have the believe that you can pass your forthcoming post utme exam, Wace , neco or GCE

2. Past Question : the benefits of Using Past question is so enormous and it is vital for anyone the have the determination to succeed in any Examination to Get past question and Answer. It is the best preparation tools to succeed in any exam.

3. Taking down important notes;

Whenever you are reading or studying for any exam, it is essential to write down important point for future references and for quick reminder whenever exam is knocking at You.

– Prepare for exams by way of ‘notes’ which you can recall quickly at the time of taking
exam. This will help in two manner. First, when you write, you are in better picture of giving
your mind instruction through written letters. Secondly, you can revise from your notes instead of opening the book when exam day is near. Here is my strategy for taking notes;
– Take a paper and divide into two

– Write down important points, important concepts and key ideas which you need to remember.

– These notes should be used at the time when paper is on head and you need to revise whole subject in two to three hours.

4.  Remembering / memorizing key idea’s and formula

Do you know that most of the student that use cramming will end up passing any examination, though too much of cramming is not good but you need it to succeed in your Exam
– One of the key ideas to memorize ideas, e.g. formula, is to write them in small charts and hang it in front of your bed.
– See those formula daily before going to bed and rising up.
– Use different colours and markers.
– Believe me, in my statistics paper, I was recalling the formula in the exact colours which  I wrote on charts.
5. Say No To Time Wasting;

There is need for you to do proper calculation when you are in the examination. Some student fail simply because they Lack time Management.

Wasting too many time on a question is bad ethics. Moreso, the number of your question should determine the number of minute you should allocate to 1 question. For exam.

50 question for 1 hour.

If you use 2 minute to answer 1 question, you will only attempt 30 question out of 50 and you are likely to fail. To pass exam with 50 question and 1 hour, you must not use more than 1 minute 12 seconds on 1 question.

Go Now and pass Any examination.

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