Startimes Introduce Per Day, Weekly and Monthly Subscription Plans For N60 Only

This is why I love healthy competition and even if TSTV fail to fulfill their promises, atleast for the first time in Nigeria, the emergence of Pay per view option really shook the intestine of MultiChoice, owner of DSTV; that is why they have been striving hard to make sure that the promises of November 1st becomes a nightmare.

Unfortunately for DSTV, Startimes Pay TV has announced Pay per view option for Nigerians; StarTimes introduced a daily subscription for a token of N60 daily as well as watch over 40 channels at N300 per week. You can get the best of entertainment on StarTimes.

This was announced earlier today on their official twitter channels and many Nigerians are happy about it. It will take effect from November 1st 2017. After all I doubt if you actually watch upto 10 channels per month so why pay for what you don’t watch with the epileptic power supply in your location

The only downside to their services is EPL, La liga and UCL sports. That is why we are eagerly waiting for tstvafrica global launch come November 1st2017. Hopefully, we won’t be disappointed.
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