When Is The Best Time To Sell and Buy Real Estate

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Buyers and sellers often ask when it is the best time to buy or sell real estate. Sellers of clothing will not be able to get rich on the fur coats in spring or swimsuits in winter. The real estate market also has a similar pattern – let’s explore them!

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Spring and autumn are the best seasons for buyers

Every spring and autumn more objects are being sold. This means more opportunities and choices.

In late fall, buyers are getting ready for the holidays, and in winter they get the vacations. Activity increases in May, and lasts during summer vacations until the end of September. Many bargains are the result of the summer views.

There is another reason why real estate is worth buying in spring or fall. In the summer (especially in June and July), many people choose to purchase areas with better schools: competition among buyers is particularly strong, and prices reach annual peak.

Holidays and winter month is the best time for sellers

Most vendors exhibit objects in spring, and again – at the end of the summer season. But when everyone operates on the same pattern, the seller has to face great competition. Be smarter: when selling housing in “dead season”, you can have a situation when there will be fewer homes, and more buyers – and in such a situation they will be ready to make a deal!

Best days of a week to start selling

Advertisements appear on Thursday evening or Friday morning, and on Sunday “open house” is organized.

Post advertisements on Monday and Tuesday, and don’t throw up until Sunday – and the activity of potential buyers during the “open house” will be stronger.

Both buying and selling of homes starts with collecting the information – it is necessary to determine a level of property prices, determine a trend in the real estate market: with an increase in prices of homes one option will work, when recession or stagnation – another.


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