Why Men Love Breast

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You can move the breast off a guys face but you cant make him take his eye off it. Ever heard that from someone?  No? Well, it’s a true. so the question is why do men love breasts?

You don’t need to be a scientist to know that straight men like breast, they are addicted to it, as the matter of fact, we are addicted to it, so don’t count me out. There’s no doubt that men love breast, it has been proven that men see breast as a prove that  woman is young and healthy and she’s yet to feed a baby, perhaps she had feed a baby before. its of no doubt that men find big breast attractive, even the small and medium ones bring attention to men/guys.

Little boy feels so excited to the point of dis-orientation with whelming happiness when they jump on a resilient bed. It’s such a happy feeling , isn’t it? It is, it is fantastic and so-so-ooh exciting for them. Now imagine how a grown up boy feels when he see’s a pair of boobs “perhaps you call it breast”  well, he feels a billion times happier. Have you seen a guy/man who says he doesn’t like breast? I’d like to meet him in person perhaps tell me about him HERE, he’s either a fairy or a lying oervert who does anonymous dirty things to himself.

Now the question I got on social media by a namesake is “ WHY DO MEN LOVE BREASTS?” Here in this post, I will be explaining some basic facts why men love breasts, so sit back and relax, take a glass of water, perhaps beer/wine (whichever one you want to) put on the fan/air conditioner cos I sure will take you for a long ride. Now read below why men love breast.

1.   They Are Nice To Touch

Men love the way breast feels in their hand, whether it is been held, squeezed, [pinched or used as pillow, no wonder men handle them with care, they are soft and handy, tempting men to grab the. During my research, I found out that large boobs is love for its largeness, no matter the size, shape or colour. Small boobs is love for its handiness. Do you even know pointed boobs is good for sucking while a round one is good for massaging.

2.   Men Love To See Them In Action

Have you ever witnessed boobs in action? Do you watch sex films? You sure will understand what I am saying. Have you ever witnessed a breast in a juggling act? I bet you’d like to see them if you haven’t, the boobs bounce around beautifully in a juggling act, try visiting a gym or a soccer field where ladies play, you sure will get my point. The rate at which the boobs bounce around is just too cool to be ignored, come to think of it, if an active sex is happening? you’d go crazy seeing them in action.

3.   The Cleavage

According to Wikipedia, the cleavage is the area between a woman’s breast, lying over the sternum and normally refers to what is visible with clothing that include a low-cut neckline.

Display of cleavage is considered to be erotic, most men don’t know this but do use it to their advantage. When a man see’s a woman breast, the cleavage is always the first thing that a man would want to see. Its proven that girls/woman today are so concerned about the appearance and the size of their breast.

4.   They Are Great To Look At

Have you seen a pair of boob before? the breast are great to look at, men love looking at the breast for the very fact that they are great to look at, though it’s offensive but men can’t resist to take a peek, whether it is small or big, breast are one of the first a man see’s in a woman.

5.   It Comes Handy

This ought to be a secretive one, not anylonger, the breast comes handy in some sex positions calling for some hand action during an active sex. However, you also find it suckable unlike the vagina which is not always clean but wet (sorry for the censored word). But honestly, men who likes to suck prefer breast, because they are clean unlike the vagina which will require you spitting after sucking.
If there’s anything you find missing, kindly share with us in the comment box, we’ll be glad to read your comments.

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